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I am a contemporary romance writer. I published my first novel, Take 2, in Dec 2012. I chat about relationships and love. I'm no expert! I'd love your feedback!

About Romance in the Air

I never know what to put on an "About" page. What do you really want to know? How did this blog come about? What do I write/post? Why do I have a blog?

This started out as just a place to write down random ideas that turned into relationship advice/observations. I'm fascinated by human nature. It's interesting to watch human behavior. For some reason, it still surprises me - maybe because we tend not to learn as quickly as we should or that we still take the path we shouldn't, waiting for lightening to strike. I don't know.

I have also ventured into blog hops - promoting other writers in their endevours. I hope you'll find an interesting read once in awhile - maybe a genre you haven't read before or just a story that sounds intriguing.

Of course, I blog to make you think about me. Since the release of my first novel, Take 2, I'd hate to fade from your mind. I hope that you see me everywhere. The more the merrier - in a good light - no embarrassing Youtube videos or rag-mags telling you some crazy thing I've done. But if it will get you to take a look at my book...LOL just kidding!

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